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Sun Valley, Yamanouchi-machi
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Wild Snow Monkey Park.45minutes from us
Jigokudani Yaen-koen.the Snow Monkeys that are loved around the world.
The only monkeys that get into hot springs baths.
Fee:500yen:Under the nickname "Snow Monkeys ,Jigokudani Yaen - koen Park was established in 1964 to protect the Japanese macaques.with the philosophy of humans and monkeys living in symbiosis,the grobal is to allow people to view the monkeys in their natural habitat in the valley of Jigokudani.

Tamamura honten gallery:Free Entraqnce,Taamamura honten has been producing highquality Sake for 200years.The current exhibition display art pieces owned by the previous owners of the famlily run busuness.then gallery also contains modern Japanese paintings,which very according to the season.enjoy a brewery tour,free sake tasting and purchase gifts to take home.15minites from us .

Gosetu no Yakata:Fee 500yen :This folk museun was relocated from Niigata prefecture's Matsunoyama town.known for receiving the most snowfall annually in Japan.Then Edo period structure's thic roof is built to withstand up to 10-meters of snow at a time .The height and technological advancement of the wooden structure makes this Japanese cultural heritage.

Shiga Kogen Roman Museum: Fee 500yen: Designed by the world famous architect Kisho Kurokawa.the Shiga kogen Roman museum displays the area's symbiosis and interconnctedness with nature.the forests found in the local area and Shiga kogen National park.

Unesco Eco park Shiga Kogen.
Shiga Kogen is,has been certified to the "Biosphere Reserve (BR)"called "Unesco Eco Park" from 1980.The strage area called core region.there is such untouched virgin forest and lakes.wetlands,and crowded with people who enjoy trekking in the summer and autumn.Currently in Japan,Shiga Kogen and Yakushima such as seven have been certified.the Galapagos islands and Australia of Ayers rock,such as more then 600 of the region has been certified in the world. unlike emphasis on nature protection "UNESCO natural heritage".We are for the purpose of "Smbiosis of nature and human society".
Come to the green season,pleae try to trekking the Shiga Kogen of UNESCO Eco Park.